About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to allow friends to continue to connect, enjoy each other’s company, and have a good time regardless of physical locations. Drinking Together...Apart, LLC hopes to bring more joy into this world by allowing friends to continue to toast to and with each other, near or far. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to allow for the human connections we make on a daily basis and during the most important and trying moments in our lives to transcend to whatever stage of life and wherever we are in the world. 

Meet our Founders

Dr. Ashley Caldwell

Barefoot, free and full of life, Dr. Ashley was born in Ohio, raised in North Carolina and currently resides in Orlando, Florida. This vintage lover, a modern-day hippie, goes where the spirit leads. If you can't find her in her office, you will surely find her at a  farmers market, hiking, or running around the block. She is a lover of all things, people, nature, health, and wellness. She inspires and empowers and reinforces the image you have of yourself through instilling confidence. Sagittarius by birth, this intro-extrovert, is crazy in a good way. She enjoys traveling and has a passion and loyalty for life.  Witty, intelligent, but most importantly random, her adventures take her many places and there are yet many places for her to go.

Dr. Alicia Bates

Don't blink too slowly, because you might miss her. She is organized, perfectly polished, and loves new adventures. Dr. Alicia is an avid world traveler, having seen over 32 countries and experienced culture, life, spirituality, and revolution in a whole different light. As a proud army brat, she has traveled her way through life, immersing herself in new cultures, perspectives, and traditions. She now lives in South Bend, IN where she enjoys experiencing all four seasons and cheering on the Fighting Irish. A creative Capricorn, Alicia is a lover of life, running, and witty puns and bad dad jokes. Make sure you stay on your A game around her because she'll always keep you guessing. 

How they met and started Drinking Together...Apart


Ashley and Alicia met at Methodist University in the Student Activities’ building, where they were commonly mistaken for each other. They bonded over how often this happened and began spending a lot of time deciding how they would be related. Depending on the day and how intoxicated the person asking was, they spent their college years as either sisters, cousins, or their favorite answer, twins. 

As life took them on different paths to graduate schools and jobs across the US and even the world, Ashley and Alicia always made time to catch up and support each other over a phone call and a good drink...or several. On Labor Day 2019, while enjoying a day off work, Ashley and Alicia decided to start their day with a few cocktails and catch up session over video chat. As always, the result was honest conversations, laughter, and dancing over many drinks. When their partners asked what they were doing, the response came naturally- Drinking Together...Apart. 

As partners in crime for the last 15 years, Ashley and Alicia have been afforded many great adventures from Spring Break 2008 (woooo!), to that one trip to Arizona (which shall remain nameless), and the many graduations attended. Through it all they have found that the tribe you created doesn’t change, but their location might. Ashley and Alicia are excited to embark on yet another adventure, starting Drinking Together...Apart, LLC. Lovers of red wine and gin drinks, Ashley and Alicia invite other best friends to share with and support each other through offering products that allow for similar experiences and feelings of togetherness to continue to be created and cultivated even when life takes them on separate paths.