The Dr. Marques L. Bolden Scholarship Fund


Dr. Marques L. Bolden, originally from South Bend, IN, was known by many as an amazing doctor and professional. To those who had the privilege to know him well, he was a man with a big heart who genuinely wanted to see people thriving and living life to their full potential. Dr. Bolden enjoyed being around people; it was unusual to see him not smiling, encouraging someone, or figuring out ways in which he could support you. In Dr. Bolden’s final days, he discussed his desire to volunteer more, give back to oppressed communities, and continue to be the best father he could be to his angel on earth, his daughter Addison. Whoever you might be, as you read this, we ask that you ask yourself, “What will my legacy be?” In Dr. Bolden’s 35 years of life, he left a legacy of love, compassion, excellence, and joy. As we continue to celebrate his life, we ask that everyone share their gift with the world just as Dr. Bolden did every day of his life. 

Dr. Bolden was a lover of going out for a short glass of top shelf whiskey, smooth and neat just like him, or enjoying a nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon after a long day of work. Throughout their long distance relationship, he and Alicia (co-founder) spent many nights on FaceTime drinking together... apart. In honor of his legacy, 5% of all proceeds will go to the Dr. Marques L. Bolden Scholarship Fund which will assist a Black male or female high school senior interested in going into the medical field.